Russell "Rusty" Schweickart


Episode 226: Are Near Earth Objects 'Rusty'?

On this episode, we invite on special guest, Apollo 9 astronaut and founder of the B612 foundation as well as a member of the Association of Space Explorers, Rusty Schweickart. Having logged thousands of hours in high performance jets as well as having performed an EVA (a spacewalk), Rusty comes on to discuss his role in the future of asteroids and their potential of impacting the earth, as well as working to avoid an impact if necessary. Also discussed was the future of manned space flight, where humans should go next, as well as other countries participation in the hunt for asteroids.

Rusty's foundation, the B612 Foundation, is located online at

He has also authored the preface to the Association of Space Explorer's book The Home Planet, which is available on Amazon by clicking on the title of the book.

Listen now: